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Nauru Map

Physical Map
Key Features:

  • Laminated with a markable washable surface.
  • Multiple economical mounting options to fit your budget.
  • Bold easy to read text labels.
  • Colorful topographic shading.
This physical map of Nauru features colorful shading which illustrates the topography and natural features of Nauru. Map legend helps identify land elevation and sea depths in feet based on color shade of the area.  Country borders are outlined with labeling of countries, national capitals, major cities, main roads and waterways. Physical features include mountain ranges, peaks, lakes, rivers, salt/dry lakes, and wetlands. 
Nauru Map
Item # Description Shpg.Wt.
Laminated with Grommets
AC-OCNA2-1M-2 Size: 51" X 36" 4 lbs
AC-OCNA2-1L-2 Size: 60" x 42" 6 lbs
Peel & Stick* *Non-dry-erase, non-laminated
AC-OCNA2-1M-5 Size: 51" X 36" 5 lbs
AC-OCNA2-1L-5 Size: 60" x 42" 7 lbs
Wood Rail Mounting
AC-OCNA2-1M-3 Size: 51" X 36" 7 lbs
AC-OCNA2-1L-3 Size: 60" x 42" 10 lbs
Spring Roller Mounting
AC-OCNA2-1M-4 Size: 51" X 36" 8 lbs
AC-OCNA2-1L-4 Size: 63" x 45" 12 lbs

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